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Thursday, February 19, 2015

September 2013

This was a busy and kind of crazy month!  We started it by coming home from work/school one day and find out we had no water or sewer service.  It turned out that there was a mix up with our bills while transferring everything to the new house.  But, the water company said they had no workmen who could turn it back on until the next day, ugh.  Five people with no water or toilets was not going to work, so we booked a room at our local Country Inn and Suites.  The kids were excited:)  Will had the best time.  We all got a pretty good night of sleep and it was fun to start our day with a continental breakfast:)
Of course, we looked like we had packed up for a week stay, lol!  Our stuffed animals just had to come too!

One of the reasons September got a little crazy was that this was the month the kids' activities started up.  Will had tried t ball and soccer but did not really enjoy them all that much.  We decided to try TaeKwondo and he was very excited to start.  It has been a good experience for him so far!
Another part of our craziness this month was that I had planned a belated birthday party for Will along with Madeline's actual birthday month/party as well.
Will had a football themed party at Larry's Pizza.  He invited his new friends from his new class.  This cake was from Walmart and I was so impressed with how well it turned out!
My iPhone camera leaves a little something to be desired.  But at least these moments are captured even though I forgot to bring my nice camera.
Will has made some really  nice friends in this group and it was nice to get to know them better.  Mallory and Madeline had fun joining in too.
The birthday boy blowing out his candles!
Madeline's birthday fell on a Sunday but we decided to have her party that Saturday instead.  She went to pick out her own cake at Brookshire's and found just what she wanted.  When I picked it up the day of her party, I thought it was the wrong one because it said "MackLine" instead of Madeline.  I couldn't figure out how they made this mistake.  So, I decided it would have to do and took it to the party.
Later, I looked at the ticket attached to the box and saw that handwriting does in fact make a difference.  She had written Madeline but I see why the decorator messed it up, lol!
Madeline wanted to have a Spa party at a local place and invited a few friends.  They were all so excited to get pampered!
They got a chocolate facial, paraffin on their hands, and manicures.  It was the perfect way to celebrate turning 9:)

Sunday was her actual birthday.  I caught this picture on the way to church.  I can't believe she is already 9!  Time has flown by.  She is such a caring, intelligent, and feisty young lady!  I love to watch her care for and mentor her younger brother and sister.  She works hard at almost everything she does and makes me so proud!  I've now been a mother for 9 years and it has been a joy!  I can't believe in 9 more years she will be 18!!!!!
This summer, we found out Wicked the musical was coming to Little Rock.  Madeline has really been wanting to see it, so that is what we gave her for her birthday.  Here we are before leaving for the show.
We took a little selfie just before things got started.  She loved every minute of it and so did Nathan and I!  It was such a good show that we bought the soundtrack and now know every song by heart, lol!
Just when we felt like we were getting the hang of being a 2 parent working family, I got a call that Mallory was throwing up at daycare.  This ended up starting a long streak of the kids getting sick one, after another for a while:(  Go figure that, while I was staying at home, the kids almost never got sick.  As always, God brought us through it and for that we are thankful!

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