The Henry Family

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Father and Daughter Dance

Now that Madeline is in Kindergarten, she is able to be a member of a local Campfire Girls group. One of her first big activities happened on the Friday evening after Valentine's Day. They had a Father and Daughter Dance! We were so excited! Nana went shopping and found her the perfect dress. I curled her hair and let her wear a tiny bit of make-up.
Here is a more close up picture of her hair and the necklace Nana got her for Valentine's Day. I think I still have a lot to learn in the hair department. Madeline already says she wants her curls pulled up next year, so I'd better practice:)

She was so excited to have her first corsage! Here is her "date" putting it on.
The florist did a good job of matching it to the colors in her dress. I am still a little shocked at how much this tiny arrangement costs! Maybe I should brush up on my flower arranging skills too:)!
Here is Madeline and Daddy. Nathan said they had such a good time together. The dinner was a big hit and Madeline spent most of the dance wanting to dance with her daddy, unlike most of her little friends who wanted to dance together.
I know this will be a special tradition they will look forward to and enjoy every year. Will and I also enjoyed our time together and got his favorite, Taco Bell, for dinner. Then we hung out, watched "the letters" (Wheel of Fortune-his current favorite show), and played with trains and cars until bedtime. It was nice to get some special time with just my boy and I.

Sorry about the lack of blogging. I have been spending a lot of time and energy trying to make some important decisions about my work status, moving, and foster parenting. It seems like every time I mention changes in my life on this blog, there ends up being a change to those plans too. I want to make sure we are more firm in our decisions before explaining them. I think our poor family and friends get worn out with all of the back and forth of this:) Thanks for your patience!