The Henry Family

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dance Recital 2012

Madeline had a great year of dance!  It is hard to believe that she has been doing this for 4 years and she still loves it just as much.  This recital year was a little different in that they decided to no longer have a gymnastics recital.  This mama sure appreciated that because it made the day much less hectic.  So, after my baby shower, we were able to relax and visit with family before getting ready for Saturday night's tap/jazz recital.
Here is Madeline at home showing off her cute costume:)

Backstage with good friend, Lynley right before performing.  Poor Madeline, we got the elastic a little too tight on her hat and I think she was uncomfortable but it was too late to fix it:(

Her tap dance was very cute.  It had a fun variety show look and sound that was so fun and age appropriate and they did so well!  It is amazing how difficult their dances have become each year.  They have learned so many new skills!  Oh, and believe me, Madeline had that uncomfortable hat off the moment she left the stage:)
This was the first year Madeline has taken jazz and had 2 dances on Saturday night.  Luckily the 2 numbers were pretty far apart and we had plenty of time to get her costume and hair changed.  Her jazz dance was to a newer version of, "My Boyfriend's Back" and was a lot of fun.  The costumes had and 80's look, which I got a kick out of:)  Madeline knew her dance so well and did really well.  This year she has learned the art of using facial expressions when she dances and it made her even more enjoyable to watch!  She was having such a great time up there:)

Her jazz number was fairly late in the program and we were all worn out by that time but it was so worth it and we all had a good time watching so many of our friends' children perform!  Madeline's Nana bought her 2 new dance outfits for next year as her recital gift and Maddie was very excited about them!

Then, on Sunday afternoon, we had the ballet recital.  Madeline was very excited about her costume's long full skirt!

Their dance was beautiful!  They used a song called, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" and it was so sweet:)  I love watching her learn and perform all of the classic ballet skills and think she is so graceful!  I feel like ballet is her best genre of dance and hope she will continue to like it best!
Here she is with 2 of her dance friends, Caroline and Mary Kate after performing.  Such sweet little ballerinas!

Again, I am so proud of how much she has learned and how hard she has worked this year.  I am glad she has been able to explore and find joy in this form of Art and has shown such talent and promise!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family and Friends Baby Shower

 After school wrapped up for both kids, my mom came for a visit.  She originally planned the trip to see Madeline's dance recital and then decided to throw me a baby shower with her good friend, Karen.  I was so touched that they did this for me!

Karen is an amazing hostess and the set up was just beautiful!

 I was so happy that so many of our family and friends could come.  Madeline was especially excited to see our cousin, Katie.  I love that Karen got Madeline a crown for the big sister:)
 I have a lot of friends who have little girls and several came, which Madeline really appreciated!
 We played Baby Shower Bingo and then a fun game where you see how many baby clothes you can hang on a clothesline in one minute.  Here is my friend, Connie taking her turn.  They had to hold a baby and a phone while doing this as well:)
 The little girls took a turn too.
 Everyone was so generous and gave us many gifts that were so helpful, as well as some really cute clothes!
We couldn't resist a belly picture with my sister-in-law, Lindsey, who is due 3 weeks before me.  I just can't believe how much bigger my belly is and how swollen I look:)

It was so wonderful to be surrounded by so many women who are a part of my life.  I love how excited they are about this new addition to our family and can't wait for them all to meet her!