The Henry Family

Friday, April 22, 2011

March and April Update

Our March and April were very busy this year! We had many things going on at all of our schools. Here is Madeline on the morning of "Crazy Hat Day." She had fun doing all of the themes like silly socks and Wildcat clothes.
Nathan and I spent a lot of time getting our students ready for their annual State Testing. It is one of our least favorite parts of teaching but our students worked hard and we are all glad they are over:)
We had Will tested due to his developmental delays and he was diagnosed with low muscle tone throughout his body. We are not sure why he has this but are fortunate that it is a mild form of the issue. He has started physical and occupational therapy and is making a lot of progress. This diagnosis explains so many things about Will from birth and we are glad he is getting what he needs to help him. He also has a hypersensitive vestibular system that causes him to be sensitive to sudden movements of others, loud/sudden noises, and being upside down, spun around, etc. Again, it is mild and easily helped with both kinds of therapy. Will enjoys seeing Mrs. Kristi and Mr. Sam as well as his developmental therapist, Mrs. Jackie. He is doing well in school and has learned all of his letters and numbers to 20. He is also really doing well socially! He has lots of friends and enjoys playing with them.

Now, this is Easter weekend, so here are some customary Easter Egg dying pictures:)
The anticipation was written all over their faces!

Maddie doing a little art with the wax crayon.
The finished product. Our small, inexpensive kit did not include stickers, so Maddie improvised with some of her own.
Nathan and I thoroughly enjoyed a Good Friday service at church this afternoon and look forward to reflecting on Christ's sacrifice for us and the joy of His Resurrection this Sunday!