The Henry Family

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Big/Little Girl

After posting Will's height and weight, I thought I would do Madeline's as well. Madeline is now 40 months old (a little over 3), weighs 29 lbs and is about 35 inches tall. That is only around 10 lbs heavier than her baby brother and only 7 inches taller!
She now goes to preschool full-time with me being back at work and is doing well. It was a bit of an adjustment but she loves her school and her friends and is learning a lot. She is such a smart girl and has such a fun personality. We always joke that she is 3 going on 12. Here are some fairly recent snapshots of her for those who have not seen her recently.

She really loves dresses and would wear one everyday if allowed. She sure knows how to work the skirt!
Dress up is a favorite past-time. Here she is in her Cinderella dress.
She is following in her Paw-paws footsteps by being quite a singer. Here she is in her school musical program.