The Henry Family

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The full Will update

After having many issues downloading pictures, I can finally return to updating everyone!
Will continues to be a sweet, laid-back, cuddly little guy. He has a smile that could just melt your heart with his precious dimples. He has adjusted to day care well except for getting sick so many times at first. Here are some of his new "tricks."

After a lot of falling forward (he wants to test everything out with his mouth first!)

And, a lot of falling backward. . . .

Will is now sitting up very well, with no support! He loves it. Now he can really play with toys and see everything that his big sister is doing.

He can also enjoy the bathtub from a whole different angle. Look at that cute chunky monkey!

We are also working on eating solid foods. He is a little lazy about picking up the pieces with his hands and would prefer the faster way of me feeding it to him. He doesn't have any trouble picking up and feeding himself a wagon wheel though.

Sadly, after a very scary and swollen reaction to milk-based formula when he was weened, we have found out that Will is allergic to milk and eggs. He now travels with an epi-pen in his diaper bag and will continue to be tested every year to rule out other allergies or hopefully, see if he outgrows the existing allergies.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The full Madeline update

Despite being sick twice lately, Madeline is doing well. She is getting smarter and more grown up daily. For those of you who do not see her often, here are a few pictures of some of her varied interests:
She loves movies. She was caught watching Shrek the Third with her Paw-paw. She talks throughout any movie and will drive you crazy asking "why" about everything:)
This girl loves to dance and dress up. Apparently, her cousin Neill likes to do the same! Check out those moves! She makes her Daddy proud.
Santa put some headbands in her stocking as a bit of an afterthought and they turned out to be her favorite present. Look how grown up she looks!

Here is the computer she got. It even has a little mouse that she can practice with.

We recently joined the local health club, which has a very nice indoor pool. Maddie had a blast swimming last week and can't wait to go back when she is well.

Finally catching up!

I know, I know, I said that I would try to post once a week and here it has been over a month! While we were adjusting to being a 2 parent working family, both kids decided to get the flu. Then, after they were recovered, I spent a weekend with food poisining. Finally, they both turn up with a stomach virus this past week. I have been at my new job for about a month and a half and have taken 5 sick days!
Here are some picture to help catch up the past month:

Will continues to be quite the charmer. Look at that precious smile!
Here he is with his favorite Valentine after getting his gift of new rattles.Here is Madeline with her Valentine who says she will be kissing no other Valentines until she is at least 30!