The Henry Family

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

Last weekend marked the end of Madeline's 3rd year of dance and gymnastics. She has really learned a lot this year and has made huge progress in all three classes. Our studio splits the routines into 3 different recitals, so it makes for a very busy weekend! First, on Saturday afternoon, we had her gymnastics recital. Her class performed to a fun song called, "Cha-cha Heels." She has learned to do a back-walk-over and has improved on all of her other skills. Her next step will be a back-handspring! Here she is with her good friend, Sydney.
Madeline and her friend, Carson, who wasn't in the same class but also had a very cute performance!
Here she is posing before getting on stage. She loved how the fringe skirt shook when she danced:)
Saturday night, she had her tap recital. Last year we were lucky and were number 2. This year, not so much:( Her routine was number 37! She dance to the song, "If They Could See Me Now" from the musical, "Sweet Charity." She did a great job and made us proud!
Finally, on Sunday afternoon, she had her ballet recital. Her costume was the same for tap and ballet. It just had pants for tap and a tutu for ballet. I loved her routine! It was to "World of Imagination" from Willy Wonka and was just sweet and beautiful. I have been so pleased that ballet is Madeline's favorite and she pays special attention to her foot and arm positions.

We were glad to be done, although Madeline already tells me how much she misses dance and can't wait to start back next year.
Here she is posing with her friends, Lynley and Macy after the ballet recital.

Will watched all 3 of her performances and seemed to enjoy all of the excitement and costumes:) This look on his face makes me think he is thinking, "Please tell me we are done with all of this now!"
He was checking out Maddie's recital gift here.

Posing with his buddy, Kelsey, who was enjoying her first recital. Aren't they cute!
I love watching Madeline and all of her friends perform. I also love watching the older classes and look forward to watching Madeline learn and grow more each year!

Easter Weekend 2011

Better late than never! We had a nice Easter weekend. We went to several different egg hunts but I only remembered to bring my camera to one:( Madeline had one with her Campfire group at her friend Hope's house. They did such a good job and had so many fun activities for the girls to do. Here is Madeline after pinning her egg in the Easter basket.

They hid a lot of eggs. Here is Madeline with her good friend, Sydney taking a break from hunting to take a quick picture.

Madeline took this very seriously!
The next day, the kids were excited to wake up and find their filled Easter baskets.

Then, it was time to get some pictures! Will is a little hard to work with right now, when it comes to taking pictures but we managed to get a few. I have never attempted to use the timer on my camera, so a whole family picture was not in the cards. So, we did manage to get a picture of Nathan and I each with the kids. This one of Madeline and Will was the best we could get. I hate that Madeline is not looking at the camera but think it is sweet that she is looking at Will.

It was a little sad that we were not able to spend Easter with my parents, but we were excited that John and Lindsey came to celebrate with us!
Nothing is better than celebrating our Savior rising! Our church service was wonderful and it was a blessed day!