The Henry Family

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Almost There!

Madeline "almost" had me centered in this picture she took on Halloween. She loves taking pictures and it was a hard debate to decide whether or not to get her the kid digital camera or the doll house she wants for Christmas. We decided on the doll house because she is only 4 and has plenty of time to develop her photography skills.
Now, don't think you eyes might be tricking you. Will is actually standing without holding on to something anchored to the ground! After this picture, he took about 8 steps to Nathan. Thanks to Susan for the tip on giving him something to hold on to in order to "trick" him. It worked like a charm. I wouldn't say he is walking but is taking steps and that is progress!
In "Not Me Monday" fashion, a day early, (which I haven't officially done yet because the directions seem long and intimidating) I thought I would pick out a few things that are "not happening" in this picture.
Will is not wearing only one shoe. Only an irresponsible parent would not put the shoe back on when her child is learning to walk because she was afraid of aggravating his toddler temper by stopping him to put it back on. That would be very wimpy of me and my kids know who is boss.
Will is not playing with a Eucerin sample. I would never give my child something that is not even remotely child-proof in the hopes that he would get really distracted and walk on his own. My child's safety is always my first priority.
That is not my living room in the background. Living rooms are only for living in my house and being filled with toys would be foolish as we do have a playroom.
Will is not wearing a bib. I do not have slobber issues that make me put my 15 month old in a bib when we are at home because I cannot stand him to have a soaked shirt and then take it off in public so everyone can see his cute outfit. I am much more laid back than that.
There, that is my first attempt a Not Me Monday. How did I do?