The Henry Family

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Future Lawyer

We are all still having a fun and relaxing summer. I have not been able to post many more pictures because our card reader is not working correctly and we are not able to download from the camera without it. I will have to go to the Pesek's and use theirs sometime.
We made a visit to Paw-paw's office on Tuesday. It was Will's first visit and first ride on an elevator. He loved every bit of it! He was quite comfortable at the big lawyer's desk and "helped" his Paw-paw do very important work. Madeline had fun too and ran around the whole office, visiting with other employees. This picture was taken with a phone, so it is a little small. It was just so cute that I had to post it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spring Performances

At the end of May, Will and Madeline marked the close of their school year by performing in a program. They go to a Methodist preschool and did a cute program of religious songs.

Will was dressed up to go along with the "get on board" song they "sang." He was not shy in front of the huge crowd and shook his little rattle and had the best time!

He also had a great time singing "If you're happy and you know it." I think there may be a bit of a performer in him:)
Madeline's 3 year old class started by singing "Father Abraham" which Maddie pronounces Father Gregorham because she is so used to saying Father Gregory (our priest). They used clappers to help with the song.
This picture got a little messed up in the resizing but I wanted to show you a group shot of most of her class. I didn't realize what a little petite person she was until they all got lined up!
They ended their performance by singing "This little light of mine." She sang well and did a good job of holding up her light with her friends, Clayton and Cammie.

I can't believe that she will be in the 4 year old class next year! They are both growing up way too fast!

Moving on with the updates!

Summer hit hard and fast here, so we got out the wading pool and Will had his first swim with his sister. He loves his cool new trunks!

He splashed and splashed and didn't even care if he got water in his face. This particular expression is his "concentration" look that he does whenever he is engrossed in a task.
Madeline also had to model one of her new suits, a favorite because it is pink and has a skirt. For Madeline, any little "extras" make a big difference in her attire.
This particular accessory is both funny and functional!

You can tell it's summer when. . .

I finally have enough time to update my blog after almost 3 months! We are all doing well and, as a family with 2 teacher parents, loving the summer break! Nathan is teaching 4 weeks of summer school during June, but gets home around 12:30 to enjoy the rest of the day. I'm at home with the kids except for a few short teacher conferences throughout the summer (who says teachers have the summer off!). Both kids are having a good time with each other during the relaxed days at home, as illustrated by this "baskets on the head" picture. They are both such goofballs most of the time. Like their daddy, they will do almost anything for a laugh.

Now, to attempt to catch up from the last 3 months. . . Here is Easter!
My Grandma and Grandpa Taylor celebrated their 60th wedding aniversary while they were visiting. What a wonderful example of a strong, enduring marrige! Uncle Robbie, Aunt Gina, and Cousin Emma came to visit for Easter as well. Maddie sure loves her cousin. Such a sweet hug on both parts.
Unfortunately, so much love can sometimes throw you a little off balance.