The Henry Family

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love that Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year because we didn't have to rush through our festivities before heading off to school.
In honor of the day, I made a delicious Cinnamon loaf with lots of yummy icing on top.

Now, poor Will cannot eat this, so he had one of his favorites, oatmeal! He really does like this a lot and Mommy knows just how to sweeten it for her boy!

Here he is between bites. He's going without a bib most of the time but he can be really messy with oatmeal and it's kind of hard to wipe off his shirt, so he is wearing one here.
Madeline loved her cinnamon bread. I love her cute bed-head! Oh, and she doesn't have anything coming out of her nose, ha! She scratched it on a table at school Friday.
After breakfast, we had a little gift-exchange. Here are the kids with their gifts. Nathan always picks out Maddie's and I get Will's.
Will couldn't wait to get into his, but as soon as he saw me getting ready to take a picture, he had to stop to say, "cheese!".
He is very into all things "Thomas" and got Harold the Helicopter and Toby the Tram. He also got a new Thomas DVD. He has been playing with them all day!
Nathan got Maddie and chihuahua Web Kinz (spelling?) She named it Lilly.
Later, they got online and Nathan set her up. She loved all of the interactive things they could do with her dog and had to take Lilly with her to church, of course!
I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful day as well. It is nice that it was on a Sunday because who is more loving than our God! We did Children's Liturgy at church and did a whole lesson about loving your neighbor and God's love for everyone. It was great! Happy Valentine's Day!