The Henry Family

Friday, March 30, 2012

A few February things I missed. . .

I knew I had more Valentine's Day pictures and finally got them all uploaded.
That morning, I made the kids heart cinnamon rolls and they were a big hit!
They dug right in with smiles on their faces:)
After eating and getting dressed for school, the kids got to open all of their cards and gifts their grandparents and great-grandparents sent them. Will loved his card!

He was so excited about the new Bob books Nana sent now that he is starting to read on his own!
Madeline earned a pajama pass at school for good behavior, so she is actually ready for school. She just changed into clean heart/peace sign p.j.'s:) She loved her cards and liked that Granny sent a dollar to get an Icee after school!
Nana sent her 2 new American Girl books. She was given the doll, Molly for Christmas and was so excited to get 2 new Molly books to read!!! I still can't believe is reading these on her own at her age. When I looked them up, they are on a 4th grade reading level, wow!!!
A few days later, as I was doing things around the house, I noticed that Will was really quiet and absorbed in what he was doing. So, I went into the living room and saw this:

We have a step down from our living room into the playroom and he had worked hard to use his train tracks and blocks to create a level bridge even with that step down! I think we may have a future engineer on our hands! I could not believe the level of concentration and attention to detail it took for him to do this but thought it was pretty impressive for a 4 year old!
I sure love how my kids are always surprising and amazing me with their talents! Being a mom is just so special:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

February Catch Up!

Madeline started February by entering her first Science Fair. She did a great experiment about how quickly bananas spoil in different environments. We then helped her make a cute board to show the process. She ended up getting the highest score for her grade! We were so proud of how hard she worked and I feel like she really learned a lot about the Scientific Process.
Then, it was time to get their teeth cleaned. It occurred to me that I have never documented a trip to the dentist, so here is Will getting ready for his exam. He is a little nervous about the dentist and has a little trouble holding his mouth open long enough. Luckily we have a great dental hygienist who works so well with him. His teeth looked perfect with no cavities or problems!
Here is Madeline after her exam. She is always such a good patient and also got a great report of perfect teeth! She loved the blown up glove and kept it until it deflated on its own:)

Nana caught a really great sale at Pottery Barn kids and decided to order the kids new backpacks and lunchboxes for next school year. This is Will's first "big boy" backpack and he was so excited! He carried it around for hours and pretended to go to kindergarten:) It was hard, but he understood why he needs to wait to really use it until he starts kindergarten in August. Thank you Nana for the fun surprise in the mail!!!

I helped in Will's class on Valentine's Day. They had an ice cream sundae party. Sorry this picture was so blurry but my i phone was not cooperating at the time. Here is Will with his best friend, Clarabeth.
For Madeline, Valentine's Day means it's time for the annual Campfire Father/Daughter Dance! So, the Saturday after, we got them both all fixed up for a night of fun. I though she looked so cute this year. I did her hair and I liked it even better than what I did last year. Short hair is hard to fix, but it turned out really cute! With the ruffles on her dress, I thought she looked like a cute little flapper girl from the 1920s.
Here is a close up of her sweet face!
This year, she kept telling me that all of her friends were wearing high heels and she wanted some too. This mama is opposed to that, personally but I went to Payless to see if I could find her something special. This is what I found. Ironically, she thought these were high heels LOL! They went perfectly with the dress and made her feel special:)
Here is the annual corsage placing picture:) It's also a good shot of the curls I so painstakingly worked on:)
The flower shop did such an amazing job on the corsage! It was just precious and Madeline loved it! I learned that they no longer put the little elastic band around the wrist. Instead, the corsage was attached to a white satin slap bracelet! It worked well and fit her tiny wrist better as well. It's amazing what people think of!
They both looked so great! This picture brings tears to my eyes! I am so glad Madeline has such an amazing relationship with her daddy and am so proud of the wonderful Daddy Nathan is!
Last year, Madeline stayed by Nathan's side for the entire time and really only wanted to dance with him instead of with her friends. He said this year was a very different story! They held the dance at the new high school and gave the kids free reign. Apparently Madeline was way more interested in running around the huge, beautiful high school with her friends than dancing. It's funny how things change:)

January Catch Up!

After our fun Christmas, we settled back into a more normal routine with me hitting the 14 week mark in this pregnancy, where the awful nausea completely went away!!! I had a lot of catching up to do around the house after that many weeks of being so sick. I am so thankful to Nathan who did a good job of holding everything together during that time.

Will brought home a fun project from preschool. Each child was loaned a bear to take home for one night. He took the bear with him everywhere and then drew pictures in a little book of the things they did. He then told me what words to write. He loved this and said it was doing homework like Maddie:) He had to name the bear and he named it Bercher which is what he always says he wants to name our new baby. He came up with that all by himself:) Anytime someone asks him what the baby is, he always answers, "It's a boy and his name is Bercher." Even though we didn't know the gender at the time:)

Madeline had her first special field trip with all of the 1st grade Gifted and Talented students. They went to Little Rock to see a play at the Arts Center and then went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. I was so thankful to be able to go. This was one of the things I wanted to be able to do for my children once I was able to stay at home. The kids were all so well-behaved and had such a good time. The play was really cute. It was a remake of Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Bears. The actors did such a good job of making it fun for the kids. Here are Madeline and Haley at Chuck E. Cheese. I think that was the favorite part:)
On January 22, my niece Emma celebrated her 5th birthday. We drove up to Little Rock to help celebrate and had a great time at Playtime Pizza thanks to Uncle Robbie! Then we went back to his house and had cake and cookies. These are the Hello Kitty cookies I made for her.

Sadly, at the end of the month, this precious boy ended up at the doctor's office. He had a sinus infection and just felt rotten:( He still looks so sweet though!

Luckily the antibiotics worked quickly and he was back to feeling better in a few days. It has been so nice that he has been sick so little this year and since having her tonsils out, Madeline has been so healthy too!