The Henry Family

Monday, May 24, 2010

Can you tell I'm starting my summer break?

Now, I finally have time to write a post. Also, now we have our camera problems behind us and have started taking more pictures!
It would be a little hard to catch up on everything we have been up to but here are a few more recent pictures.
What has Madeline been up to? She is playing T-ball for the first time!
She loves to hit the ball but is not so into the fielding aspect of the game. She doesn't play around in the field, but she doesn't go after any balls either:) But she does a great job of looking really cute in that uniform!
2 weeks ago, she had her second dance/gym recital. Here she is in the beginning pose of her tap dance, Pinkawonderous.

Her ballet dance was beautiful. It was a song about candles in the window that I think is on the Home Alone sound track. She amazes me with how graceful she is!
They even danced with little candles at one point, too cute!
I did not get a great gymnastics picture as I am still trying to learn to take action photos. But she did a standing back bend on her own and a front walkover. She has learned a lot for a 5 year old!
Will has been busy finishing up his time in the 2 year old preschool class. He is talking up a storm and getting over some of the things he has been so cautious about, like climbing stairs.
He is also getting really good at looking cute and mischievous all at the same time:)
Here is his more serious pose where his sweet cheeks and big brown eyes melt me:)

He is really getting into trains and keeps several set up at all times in his room.

He is also an avid "reader". His recent favorites are David books and Little Critter books.
We had to read this one several times a day until Nathan and I had it memorized and so did he!

Nathan and I go for our last day of school tomorrow, a teacher work day. I am busy moving classrooms because I am moving to kindergarten. I am very excited! Nathan is a little nervous about tomorrow because we have our end of year assembly where they announce the winners of the Teacher of Excellence Awards. It is only his 3rd year of teaching and he is one of 3 finalists for 5th through 8th grade in our whole district. I am so proud whether he wins or not!
Hopefully I can better document our summer fun now that all the camera kinks are worked out. Thanks for not giving up on me!