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Thursday, February 19, 2015

October 2013

To start off October, Mallory decided she loved taking selfies, lol!  It was one of the only ways to get a decent picture of her at 17 months!
She also got enough hair to sport a little baby ponytail with a bow.  So cute!
We continued to be pretty busy, which led to more eating out than usual.  One night, we got dinner from a place called "Old Fashion" (seriously, that is how they spell it, lol!).  We get ice cream there fairly often in the summer but this was the first time we got food.  Will wanted a corn dog and was very pleasantly surprised when he got it out at home and saw how huge it was!
On October 8th, we celebrated Nathan's 36th birthday.  He is obsessed with all things pumpkin flavored at this time of year, so I made him a pumpkin cheese cake.  It was a big hit for the whole family!  I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am by this man everyday.  God has blessed me with an amazing husband!
As I said at the end of my September 2013 catch up post, we started a long streak of the kids being sick.  Will and Mallory both had strep at one point, just at different times.  We had to use up A LOT of sick days at this point.  We even had to call in Nathan's mom when Mallory got a bad fever virus and took over a week to recover:(
I love this picture of Madeline from October!  She was getting ready to go to her good friend, Haley's skating birthday party.  She was so glad those cute pink boots still fit.  I think she looks so old here!
Our small town finally is getting some new restaurants.  One was a frozen yogurt place called, The El Dorado Creamery."  It's a lot like Orange Leaf or Froyo.  We were so excited because we loved going to Froyo when we stayed with my parents in Spokane last summer.  Here are Madeline and Will on their first visit:
More of Mallory loving the selfie.  Madeline and I decided to get in on the action too!
After a tough week at work, we went out to eat, yet again.  My kids love Chinese food and I had to laugh when I saw my fortune!  I had some students with very tough behavioral needs that year and each day was pretty tough!  I did need some rest!
Will got very excited about crazy sock/wear red day during Red Ribbon Week.
Another sick day home with Mallory:(  Nana surprised her and sent a Pottery Barn chair just for her:)
Madeline went on her first out of town G.T. field trip without one of us.  They visited some neat historical places in Arkansas and even spent the night in an old school house.  I was so thankful my friend, Teresa, watched out for Madeline for us.  She had such a good time.
We had a good time planning for Halloween again.  Will was Iron Man.
Mallory was a cute pig.
Madeline wanted to be a pirate.  It was actually very hard to find an appropriate pirate costume for a 9 year old!  Many of them were really risque.
I unearthed my cookie decorating supplies to make some cute mummy cupcakes for Halloween snacks.
I love this group picture of the kids!  Madeline was running fever off an on for that whole day, but recovered enough to go trick or treating, luckily!
We love our new neighborhood!  Halloween was so much fun.  There was a constant stream of trick or treaters at our house and, even though we bought 8 huge bags of candy, we ran out!  It was a school night, so that was probably a good thing.   It's so nice to live in a neighborhood with such a fun family atmosphere!

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