The Henry Family

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update from the past few weeks

Since coming back from vacation, we have been very busy. I have been carving out some time to get my classroom ready and Nathan has been doing the same.
During all of this business, our precious baby boy turned 2! I guess I can't really call him a baby anymore because 2 sounds so much older than 1:) His birthday was on July 27 and we had a simple celebration at home. I made him special milk/egg/peanut-free cupcakes with icing, which he devoured. The rest of us thought they were pretty good; different but good.
All of our family that could not be present sent him some wonderful gifts. He was not that into opening gifts because he was so interested in the first one he opened and just wanted to play with it. After much coaxing and a little help from Madeline, he opened everything.
Will loves to pretend to cook, so his Uncle Robbie, Aunt Gina, and cousin Emma sent him this neat food set that you can pretend to cut. It is a big hit with both kids.
Maddie picked out a Handy Manny tool belt and visor as her gift to Will. He loves to wear the outfit and the visor must face backward (like his Daddy).
We gave him another Sesame Street stuffed animal. He loves his Cookie Monster but also has a great love for Elmo. He was so excited and just kept saying Elmo, Elmo over and over again when he realized what it was.
Here he is showing off his Handy Manny accessories.
Madeline enjoyed the festivities but said she is ready for her turn. September 22 can't come soon enough!
Speaking of Madeline, here is one of her new favorite past times. She gets dressed up and then climbs in the tub with all of her baby dolls. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "My babies kept asking me to come in here!"

We had a wonderful visit with Susan and Setler right after Will's birthday. They stayed for almost 3 days and we had a great time! Will and Setler were getting ready to watch a movie in the playroom in this picture. Thanks for coming! You guys are welcome anytime.

My big 2 year old also has something new he enjoys doing. He loves to get all of his cars and line them up on the back and arms of the couch. He drives them around and it is just so cute and boyish to me!
In honor of your birthday, I wanted to record some of my many thought about by precious boy:
These first 2 years we have spent with you have been wonderful. You are so special and unique to us, with your laid back attitude and your sweet affectionate nature. You are such a boy but also have such a kind and tender heart. You love to give big bear hugs and wet kisses and Daddy and I just can't get enough of them. Your favorite toy right now is a silver and pink mini-van with a little family sitting inside. You love to drive it around like it is a race car but are so sweet when you make sure all the family members are in their seats. You are talking more and more although we're not always sure how to translate. You like telling the dogs no by saying, "No Coldie (aka Chloe)!" even if its Molly. You have the cutest run because you really pick up your feet when you do it. You have gotten picky about eating but are so good with a fork and spoon. You love to have your Cookie, Elmo, and Chloe animals in bed even though you show them affection by chewing on their faces. You like your big boy bed but think it means you don't have to take a nap. I have loved watching you change and develop this year and can't wait to see what I have to say when you turn 3!
I am very happy and blessed to have you in my life. God is so good!!!