The Henry Family

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Snow Days!

I would not have believed anyone who told me that by Feb. 9, we would have taken 4 snow days so far this school year! But, here we are, at home again! It is getting to the point where us teachers, who usually enjoy a good snow day, are ready for Spring. We live so far south that we have no built-in snow days in our calendar. That means we will be adding almost a whole week on at the end of May:(
I posted about our first snow day (Jan. 10th), which actually turned into 2 days as we were out that Tuesday as well. The 3rd snow day happened on Feb. 4, to our surprise. We woke up to a slightly snow-covered lawn but assumed we would go to school. Apparently not all of the roads were as clear as our own because they did cancel. We were excited about going out to play again when it started raining and ruined the snow before we could play in it:( So, we spent the day inside, starting our weekend a day early. One of the good things about the snow days is that Madeline and Will have really been playing so well together. That Friday, I was doing some housework in our bedroom and Nathan was on his computer. We noticed that we had not heard from the kids and went to the living room to see what they were up to. This is what we found:

Madeline wanted to fix someones hair and Will went right along with it. He thought he was pretty funny too!
Now, less than a week later, we have had our 4th snow day! We were told yesterday that they might cancel school even before anything fell, and they really did. It started sleeting around 8:00. We were afraid that we might not get much snow, like the last 2 times. So, as soon as some flakes started falling, we ran outside to check it out. Madeline caught a few flakes on her gloves.
Will was so excited to feel the snow!
Then, they wanted to catch snow on their tongues:

Finally, around 3:00, we had enough accumulation to go play outside. Here is the view down our street.
It is amazing just how much fell in a few hours.
This is the best snow Will has ever gotten to play with. He was amazed by it on his gloves:)
The snow was pretty dry and did not pack very well. But, we were determined to build a snowman this time, no matter how tiny it was:)
I hope everyone else enjoyed their snow day too. Our whole state got quite a bit of snow. We are now just waiting to see if we will go to school tomorrow. I think I am ready for Spring now!