The Henry Family

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Now for the Good Pictures!

On Christmas Day, Madeline got a bathrobe from her Great Mema and modeled it for everyone. Can you tell Nathan is her Daddy? I guess I was purely responsible for birthing her:)
Will was more into collecting wrapping paper than actually finishing opening gifts or playing with what was inside them. He was really cute trying to fit as much paper in his hands as he could.
My parents refurbished an older family bike for Maddie to learn on. She took it for its first spin right in their living and dining room.

Right after my parents got settled into their new house, they decided to get a new dog. They adopted this puppy from a rescue shelter and named her Macy. She is supposed to be a shitzo (sp?) beagle mix. We will all be interested to see what she looks like full grown but she sure is a cute puppy.

Oh, and just a quick side note. I also celebrated my 29th birthday on Dec. 28th. It was a quiet celebration but nice. I am not unhappy about turning 30 next year because I know what blessed life I have had and just feel grateful for each and every year.
Happy New Year everyone!


The Heinze's said...

yes i am here in magnolia..where are yall? Your family is so cute...i am teaching kindergarten and my husband is youth pastor...landon our son is almost 2...good to hear from you

The Heinze's said...

how funny..i can not believe that yall are that close to me...we have alot of friends in eldorado...what school do you teach at?

The Heinze's said...

magnolia has only one system..but i teach at westside..that is the email is really need to catch up

Susan said...

Did you get my birthday card? Sorry I didn't call. I'm a bad friend!